Our role is to help you develop a successful philanthropic advancement strategy. By working closely with fundraising counsel, you benefit from the experience and expertise of a team of development professionals. We will tailor a plan of action to meet your needs and work with you to achieve your objectives.

The selection of counsel is a very personal decision based upon how confident you feel with the representatives you have interviewed. It is critical that the individuals and firm servicing your project have direct experience addressing your type of institutional challenges. The Giving Institute (www.givinginstitute.org) provides helpful resources to guide you as you interview and consider fundraising counsel.

By carefully selecting a reputable firm, you will gain access to the best fundraising strategy and methodology. Your efforts will be effective when you couple a solid fundraising plan, executed appropriately, with a good cause.

We adhere to the Giving Institute’s Professional Code of Ethics, which dictate that our services are billed according to the time provided and/or the projects accomplished and never based on a percentage of funds raised. Additionally, our fees are agreed upon prior to the commencement of service. RA offers a variety of services to assist nonprofits of all sizes, and you may feel confident that you are making a smart investment in the future of your organization by retaining quality philanthropic counsel.

RA has worked with more than 1,250 clients across the country in our more than forty year tenure and have likely partnered with an organization similar to your own. We recognize that certain variables greatly influence each nonprofit, including age, position in the marketplace, maturity of the development program, strength of the board and leadership, vision of the director, and history and giving record of constituents. We partner with your organization to strenthen your team while designing strategies for the eduring advancement of your mission.

The Giving Institute, founded in 1935 as the American Association of Fundraising Counsel, Inc., provides the standards of practice for all members. Firms with membership in the Giving Institute are distinguished as leaders in assuring the highest ethical standards and professional practices. RA adheres to the Code of Ethics set forth by this organization, and participates in sponsored forums on leadership and professional development.