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New Strategic Services

Ruotolo Associates (RA) is uniquely poised to help your nonprofit organization survive and thrive in this emerging era. Our experienced team has designed the following virtual opportunities, including customized offerings with our two Certified Professional Coaches, to prepare you and your team for strategic growth.

Fundraising Strategy & Planning

An astute understanding of your assets, plans, and prospective support provides the essential foundation for successful fundraising and advancement endeavors.

Capital Campaign Management

RA provides comprehensive counsel for capital, annual, and endowment campaigns to raise philanthropic support for strategic initiatives. Our pre-campaign studies ensure effective engagement, prioritized initiatives, and clear goals as a roadmap to campaign success. Innovative fundraising techniques are tailored to suit a clients’ culture and resources. Our service strategy engages staff and constituent leadership to strengthen the core capacity of the institution.

Philanthropy Research & Analytics

RA offers comprehensive wealth analysis provides data to determine individual philanthropic potential

Advancement / Development Counsel

Our objective analysis of development resources, programming, and infrastructure provides specific recommendations to improve productivity, effectiveness, and constituent engagement.

Executive Search

RA has an extensive network of contacts and vast professional knowledge in the fundraising industry. We provide valuable assistance to institutions in search of qualified development and executive professionals. RA has worked with over 1,250 institutions. We have observed firsthand why certain individuals succeed as the CEO or the Chief Advancement Officer of a nonprofit, and, conversely, why others fail. Our process focuses on finding and launching the right fit for your organization’s future.


RA Client Highlights


RA enhances the capacity of our clients to achieve their goals. Our counsel includes professional and volunteer development through interactive group and one-on-one sessions to improve an individual and organizational performance.