Founder & CEO Lowand B. Hold

Jon Higgins

A complementary partner to achieve Strategic Growth goals and purposeful Engagement with clients and talent.
Growth strategist. Founded on the experience of P&L responsibility for some 20 businesses in 15 countries, achieving record growth and ‘Best Places to Work’ accolades in most. Led numerous acquisitions, mergers, JVs, affiliations worldwide, including the largest acquisition in the PR industry. Engagement specialist. How to integrate services. How to create an all-in, Purpose-driven culture. A Strategic Growth Plan with a management measurement system. Winning through Organic and New Business. 

Brand Strategist and Measurement 

In all facets of today’s dynamic and disruptive marketing communications environment and at every iteration of a storied career, regarded as an effective and popular leader in guiding clients and colleagues to success.  

Skills: Growth-driver, inspiring cross-functional teams to work together powerfully and effectively, in a single business or across a geographical region, for multi-national clients in a range of business sectors. Trusted Brand expert, providing C-suite counsel on all aspects of brand reputation, crisis and protection. Innovator, led the digital/social transformation of businesses across three international regions. Integrator, orchestrating acquisitions in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and subsequently engaging them fully in worldwide networks.