Congratulations Diocese of Phoenix on Your Phenomenal Achievement

Congratulations Diocese of Phoenix on Your Phenomenal Achievement

RA had the privilege of partnering with the Diocese of Phoenix from 2014 – 2020.  Our initiatives began with a feasibility study for a new Catholic High School in the West Valley.  Out of this study came the framework to not only embark on a diocesan-wide campaign but to build a culture of philanthropy from the ground up within the diocese that would eventually outlast the campaign and continue on in perpetuity.

RA’s services to the Diocese of Phoenix included:

  • Pre-Campaign Study
  • Micro-Study, to expand the scope of the case statement
  • Development Program Assessment
  • Executive Search for a Director of Mission Advancement
  • Development Counsel to reorganize and transform the Development Office into an Office of Mission Advancement
  • Capital Campaign Counsel

In February of 2020, just before the pandemic began in the US, The Diocese of Phoenix announced the successful completion of the Together, Let us Go Forth Campaign.  To date, the diocese has exceeded the original goal of $100 million – raising over $120 million.

Recently, the Diocese of Phoenix was honored by the International Catholic Stewardship Council with the 2021 award for Total Diocesan Capital Campaign Effort. 

RA congratulates the Diocese of Phoenix on this accomplishment, and we are proud of our collaboration and trusted partnership.