Subscription Giving: A Nod to Netflix

Subscription Giving: A Nod to Netflix

By Melpomeni N. Murdakes, CPC

They know me. They’re thinking about what’ll enjoy. Netflix anticipates my interest, demonstrating their value, justifying the increase in my monthly rate. I’ll click the movie they recommend, satisfied with my ongoing investment.

What would that type of ongoing, contented commitment mean to your nonprofit’s bottom line?

Increasing annual giving dollars and donors topped the list of priorities for nonprofit leaders in our recent survey. Restrictions over the past year have limited access to traditional channels of giving for many nonprofits. Shifting the lens from what’s worked before to what’s possible is key to opening new channels of support.

For those who relied more heavily on in-person connections and gatherings to secure contributions, the shift to online giving platforms provided an option to secure a portion of those dollars. But that’s more about securing current donors. What’s the opportunity for engaging new ones with the potential for a long-term, growing connection with your organization?

Membership has its privileges

NPR, the Humane Society, and others have been effectively utilized this strategy offering everything from tote bags and calendars to meals for the hungry through an allied organization. So what does this look like for your organization? Where to begin?

Building a habit of giving

For nonprofits, creating community and connection among constituents can increase contributions. Being a part of something bigger, especially when it is an agent of good in the world is compelling. Here are a few keys to invite and steward subscription giving.

Name the connection – Create a sense of belonging and shared commitment.

Offer the benefit – Provide a tailored value-add – early access to popular programs and events – special insider-only gifts.

Stay engaged – Get to know what’s most important to your constituents, gauge their interest, and keep them in the know.

Increase access – Expand their engagement through activities designed exclusively for members.

Steward giving – Cultivate ongoing relationships transitioning to ever more meaningful commitments.

Recognize their impact – Be sure to acknowledge their ongoing support and illustrate the difference their gift continues to make.
Craft an initiative that invites sustained support while strengthening donor satisfaction.

Invite sustained connection.