Technology and Philanthropy

Technology and Philanthropy

by:  Becky Scairpon


As a millennial, I am part of the first generation to grow up with the vast array of digital technology available to us. We are known as digital natives, a term first coined by an American author, Mark Prensky in 2001, and widely used to describe this generation since we have grown up in a world of significant technological change. Wireless phones, iPads, computers, and the World Wide Web have all increased the need for adaptability and communication and have opened the door to greater awareness of the world of philanthropy.

In the field of philanthropy, technology helps connect individuals, businesses, and organizations with those who share a commitment to further the support of their cause. Focusing on understanding these three key elements can help them achieve greater success:

Adaptability— Technology is like a language. It’s a skill set I learned at a young age and with a background in computers, iPads, and the internet – I find myself able to quickly adapt to new software and platforms. I have seen many nonprofit organizations make a transition in their traditional way of accepting donations. For example, online giving through an organization’s website, social media accounts, or even through texting has become a new norm.

Communication— Technology through social media can transform your nonprofit’s organization and can allow for a greater reach and a broader audience. Millennials, like myself, feel comfortable using social media as a place where personal and professional lives can flourish. As digital pioneers, most millennials are proficient at leveraging their aptitude on social media to advance their networks. We can make connections, share information and be quick to try and adapt to new technologies. Social media allows one to connect to as many like-minded people as possible.

Greater Awareness— At a touch of a button and through the convenience of a smartphone, I can submit a donation to almost any nonprofit organization. Ultimately, adaptability has led to an increased awareness of the vast opportunities that exist for giving and has led to the creation of a philanthropic holiday – Giving Tuesday. This day of giving was launched in 2012 and occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving; it follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2018, over 400 million dollars were raised, and it is a national holiday to give back to the causes and issues that matter most to you.

By leveraging these 3 elements of technology, today’s nonprofits can increase support for their causes. As a partner to nonprofits, Ruotolo Associates’ understands just how vital the integration of technology is to advancing the mission of our clients.


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